Wednesday, 30 August 2017

WALT headline news .


Cinderella has lost her glass slipper .

Once upon a time lived a woman who had been working for her whole painful life with her ugly wicked sisters in a homeless tower that was freezing and lonely . Then one day she escaped from the tower and went to the castle of magic . It was beautiful . Then the fairy god mother came to her and made Cinderella look pretty with her glass slippers . Fairy god mother looked  bloated . But she could make Cinderella look more beautiful than all the other girls .

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Is it okay to wright to climb trees ?

WALT write our opinion we have be learning to wright Oreo writing . Its challenging to remember it .

In my opinion I think it's wrong to climb trees .

It can damage the environment.
You can destroy the trees by hurting the roots but trees give you air.

If you damages tree animals have nowhere to live .

You might even damage your lung and when you fall down you can't breathe properly .

If you break the branch underneath you will fall on to the ground .

If you climb a tree the tree might fall on the road and cause a big crash .

You will swing on it and snap and fall on the road and a car came and crashed into the tree branch .

And that's why i don't believe that we don't climb trees .

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cross country practice

WALT wright more and put my story in the past .
At 9.30am on a foggy Monday morning room one went to cross country practice at Kaikohe west schools back field .

First we walked to our age groups and lined up . We met friends there and we waited for our turn to run . I waited for a long time so my friends and I played games so we won't get bored from waiting to long .

Next it was the ten year old girls turn to run but first we needed to exercise our muscle so we don't get sore in the middle of running up monument hill and running around the block twice .

Finally I felt a drop of rain then I started sprinting hard to the front gate before it rain but i was too late i got soaked and ran straight back to class where it was dry .

Friday, 11 August 2017

digging deeper.

WALT dig deeper and use words that are more interesting in our writing.

I needed to dig deeper and get more information and more interesting words . In my digital drawing I started on a little hole and built my way up to a bigger hole with more information in it . I was so fun to insert pictures and use the shapes . It was bit challenge for me i got stuck on the shapes and righting in the  holes . I will do differently next time is to right bigger words and more things to write in the holes . 


WALT make columns to collect and sort data .

cat vs mouse

WALT do stop motion animation

room 1 was learning to do stop motion animation in class.

this is my video that i did in class for stop motion .
I chose a cat and a mouse in my video . I move the cat a little and then I capture the cat . The cat look like it was moving by its self in the video .

WALT create a rewindable learning resource to help us pronounce words in te reo

Reading response journal aug.2013.L3.

Up the garden path.

WALT explore shapes that tessellates

Soroya and I did a patterns and colours of green purple and black. We did a checked pattern of purple and black and green on the outside.