Friday, 7 July 2017

We are learning to summarise the main idea in each paragraph of a text.

Reading Response Journal: Wero. SJ Aug,2013. L3

There was an amazing kapa haka group. They sang, and the girls had their pukana faces on. The crowd was loving them. Kauri raises the taiaha high above  them . 
After the kapa haka they went back stage and Te ata felt very sick. Matua James helps Te ata and then he had to go to the hospital. His big brother Kauri is trying to cheer him up also his new blue uniform is standing out among the white walls .
Te ata had a heart disease so that left him with a big scar on his chest . He was born with heart disease and his mum and dad never knew.
"He will need an operation" the doctor said.
His mum cant look at him without getting all teary. His big brother keeps coming up with more jokes and his dad reckons he is a bit of a heart breaker . Te ata laughed but he was actually feeling really scared. The swelling from the operation has gone down and the scar is still pretty big and red though.