Thursday, 13 April 2017

WALT problem solve

Jasmine bought 32 kiwi fruit for 10$. How many kiwi fruit can lisa buy if she has 20$ ? 64

WALT do stop motion animation

  this is my stop motion video that i did .
room 1 did stop motion in class.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My weekend


On Saturday morning me and my fabulous sister Denzel were at home doing chores.

Firstly just about time my mum was about to leave I asked her “can I have a friend over for a play please?”.She said okay as long as her dad says yes she can come over.

Next she asked her dad and her dad said to me yes she is allowed to stay for a play. So I waited and waited then I saw her at my driveway. I sprinted out the door and hugged her like a huggly bear.

Finally we played all day long until her dad picked her up for her to go home.

I had a fantastic day with her playing around my house.Image result for cute plush bear

Friday, 31 March 2017

WALT express an idea or opinion.


Cats vs Dogs.

Cats are better than dogs as a pet.
Cats are much more quieter than dogs.Because cats don't bark and they don’t growl at you.Cats purr quietly so you can’t even hear them sleeping at day and night .
Cats have great night vision.Cats have night vision so they can see where they are going and won’t bump into stuff and damage them.
Cats always land on their feet.I think cats always land on their feet because kids throw them up in the air and they won’t fall on their back so they land on their feet.

That's why I think cats are  better than dogs as a pet.

Image result for cute cats